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U.S. and Europe locations coming soon.

Check back for updates.

  • Will CO2GO brand cylinders work in my Sodastream unit?
    Yes. CO2GO brand cylinders are compatible with Sodastream beverage makers as well as other popular sparkling beverage makers on the market. CO2GO cylinders are available in standard threaded and quick connect versions.
  • Can I refill my Sodastream cylinder in a CO2GO Filling Station?
    Not at this time. Only CO2GO brand cylinders can be used in CO2GO Filling Stations. CO2GO brand cylinders are integrated with special, Patented Technology to allow them to be refilled using our machines.
  • Where can I purchase a CO2GO brand cylinder?
    You can purchase a CO2GO brand cylinder from our Filling Stations or online. CO2GO brand cylinders are yours to keep and refill as needed. CO2GO Filling Stations will be located at grocery stores, pharmacies, and even gas stations to name a few places we will be popping up.
  • Can I prepay for my refill?
    Yes. Using the CO2GO app you can register your cylinder(s) and prepay for refills. Simply insert your registered CO2GO brand cylinder into the filling station and it will accept your prepaid credit. No need to 'tap' your credit card or phone at the filling station.
  • Where will CO2GO filling stations be located?
    CO2GO filling stations will be located at the most convenient locations, including grocery stores, pharmacies, and big box retailers. No more driving to an out-of-the-way location to stand in line for a cylinder exchange.
  • What are the benefits of using a CO2GO brand cylinder?
    There are many benefits of using CO2GO brand cylinders. + CO2GO brand cylinders are 50% less to purchase and 33% less to refill. That's a huge cost savings! + CO2GO will be available in the most convenient locations where shoppers visit multiple times per week including grocery stores, pharmacies, and even gas stations. Fewer trips to specialty stores means more time saved. + The CO2GO app will allow you to register your cylinder so you can track purchases, receive deals and coupons, and even prepay for a refill so you don't need your credit card when getting a refill. + CO2GO brand cylinders are compatible with Sodastream carbonation machines and similar carbonation machines from other brands on the market. + CO2GO has a small carbon footprint which means we are more environmentally friendly.


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